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Our Programs


Dr Wrong's wish was to provide funding for charitable purposes, particularly:

  • The relief of poverty

  • The advancement of health, education, religion, culture, social and public welfare

  • The general benefit of the community where donations from the GWCT will make a real impact.

    Recent Donations


  • Specialised training programs in Australia for Doctors from Developing Countries

  • Specialised cancer equipment

  • Centre for Social Assistance for
    Disadvantaged Children in Vietnam

  • Specialised equipment for drug rehabilitation organisation

Funding Policies


The terms of the Wills give the Trustees complete discretion in making their decisions on what they fund or choose not to fund in support of the Designated Purposes. The Trustees carefully consider each application independently and assess how any donation made is to be used and the benefit to the comunity.

Grant Conditions


Before you apply for funding, you should satisfy yourself that the funding you are seeking will fall within one or more of the Designated Purposes of the Fund. Read and understand the conditions on which any funding from the Fund will be made – see Grant Conditions

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