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Apply for a Grant

The GWCT makes grants across a broad range of sectors and endeavours. Our grants are managed through number of program areas: Arts, Community Wellbeing,Education, Environment & Conservation, Health & Disability, International Learning and Development, Medical Research, Science, Travel, and Conference.

Our grants are made in response to both applications, or are made in response to a need or opportunity pro-actively identified by the Trustee.

The GWCT rarely awards the full amount of any project.  Please ensure that you have alternative providers of funding, and that your application clearly considers any possible grant from the Trust in this context.  

This application form guides grant-seekers step-by-step through the process of applying for a grant, from confirming eligibility to receive a grant under the Australian taxation laws and checking the suitability of the project before submitting an application. Please note that most of our program areas consider applications via a two-step process that may take from one to two months to complete.

If you can’t find the information you need or have any doubts, do call us. We are happy to answer questions and provide additional guidance.

Grant Conditions

Unless stated otherwise, a grant of funding for a particular project will be made on the following conditions:    

1.    The recipient must be a registered Charity in Australia and must be a deductible gift recipient.


2.    The recipient will use the whole of the grant exclusively for the project as described in the application.

3.    The recipient will use its best endeavour to complete the project within 12 months from the date of receipt of the grant.

4.    The recipient will promptly inform the Fund of any material change, which may affect the recipient's ability to undertake or complete the project within 12 months from receipt of the grant.

5.    The recipient gives approval to have their Distribution details noted on our website and other publications.

6.    The recipient will show the grant separately in its books of account and keep records adequate to verify the use of grant.

7.    The recipient will give the Fund a receipt for the amount received.

8.    The recipient will give the Fund a report at the end of the funding period that will include:

  • A statement of the amount expended, how expended, and any balance remaining;

  • A brief description of the project as submitted in the application;

  • A brief description of the project at the time of the report;

  • A brief outline of any changes which were made to the project as described originally, and the reasons for those changes;

  • The outcome of the project, and any lessons learned.


If you are interested in applying for funding, download the application form and follow the instructions therein.

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