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Tips & Hints

A few suggestions to help improve your application and boost your chances of success...

• Please write in clear simple English - avoid jargon.

• Acronyms - assume we don't know what they mean.

• Ensure that your figures add up - check and check again.

• Please call one of our program managers if you are unsure about anything – don’t guess!

• Don't try to fit a square peg into a round hole. We try to make our objectives and guidelines as clear as possible, so please read the funding objectives carefully to ensure your project is in with a chance!

• It is worth reading our case studies and looking at our grants database to get a better understanding of what, how and who we fund.

• We recommend that you first print a Printer-Friendly Version of the form (top right of online application screen) and also the list of required attachments. This will allow you to see all the information required and begin collating your attachments in advance.

• We suggest that composing your answers in a separate document e.g. Microsoft Word, to insure against computer or internet errors. As there are word limits for many of the questions it is also a good idea to check your word count before copying and pasting your responses into the application form.

• Please use only plain text for information you enter or copy into your online application form. You may use quotation marks, numbered or bulleted lists, apostrophes, $ signs, parentheses, and hard returns. Do not use bold, underline, or italics as the software does not recognise this formatting.

• Please use the spellcheck function which is indicated by a tick.

• Helpful information – wherever you see the 'i' click on the icon for more information.

• Write in specific terms rather than generalisations - especially regarding track record and outcomes.

• Word limits apply in our applications – in some program areas we receive hundreds of applications so it is important we understand your project as succinctly as possible.

• Ask someone who doesn’t know what your project is to read the application before you submit it to ensure it is clear and easily understood.

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